Highmaul Quick Guide

Highmaul Quick Guide

I put together a word document for my guild for the upcoming Heroic Highmaul release. I used the dungeon journal, FatBoss guides, and some other beta videos to compile of the information. Some of it is information I interpreted myself. So, it is a possibility that some of the information in this MAY be incorrect, but I believe most of it will be helpful. Sorry for the fairly messy set up, but I just copied and pasted straight from word. Tried to clean it up as best I could. (Also Pan has come in to help with some formatting) Enjoy and good luck next week!


  • Mauling Brew, Iron Bomb, Fire Bomb, Fire Pillar = Don’t stand in
  • Blade Dance – Spread out to avoid damage
  • Berserker Rush – Targets person, chases them, cleaves in front
    • Kite and immune it
  • Chain Hurl – Minor knockback, closest 5 players get sent up
    • 4 DPS/1 Healer or 1 Tank/1 Heal/3 DPS
  • Drunken Bileslinger – Don’t stand in front
  • Iron Grunt – Nuke, does moderate damage to target
  • Iron Bomber – Least priority
  • Taunt on Impales
Notes: For tank switches, can send the tank with impale in the stands for easy tank swap. Do not let people reach 40% health in stands, they will get thrown out. Don’t fall in the pits with tigers. Pretty simple fight.


  • Cleaves tanks
  • Cleave – targets melee for physical AoE damage split amongst everyone in it
  • Bounding Cleave – Knock back then cleaves
  • Gushing Wounds – 5 stacks = death
    • 2 Groups to switch for Cleave
    • Watch stacks
Notes: Tanks must stack on each other. Taunt on Tenderizer debuff, taunt as soon as it falls off. Stack on other sides of legs. Cleave mechanic will target the melee group with more people in it, so have people switch between groups to make one bigger than the other, watch stacks when moving. Bounding Cleave can have melee spread out, and ranged group up so Gushing Wounds doesn’t hit melee, who already has stacks.


  • Accretion – 5% per stack. Loses stacks based on damage. DPS race.
  • Crystalline Barrage – like blood queen lana’thel flames, but come out of boss
  • Fracture – Simple ground effect. Just get out
  • Tectonic Upheaval – MASSIVE AoE damage like XT in Ulduar. MUST kill during this cast.
  • 2 Adds comes out only during first phase with big Tectus.
    • Earthwarper – Creates a tornado that goes towards boss. Must be intercepted by tank. Given debuff Petrification. DO NOT HIT BOSS WHILE DEBUFF IS ON YOU.
    • Berserker – Fixates and cleaves. Kite away
Notes: Encounter starts with 1 Tectus. Once you kill, he splits into 2 Tecti. He will do all the same abilities but double. Zerg one down. Then that baby Tectus will make 4 smaller Tecti. Same thing. But even more shit. Huge clusterfuck.


  • Creeping Moss – Encloses area. If touches boss heals 2% every 2 seconds. CANNOT let it hit boss.
    • Flamethrowers to counter this
  • Necrotic Breath – Frontal cone AoE. Reduces healing by 99%.
    • Tank/Healer CDs
  •  Bad Adds
    • Spore Shooter – Shoots closest person within 8 yards like Majordomo
    • Mind Fungus – Reduces casting speed by 75%. KILL FAST.
    • Fungal Flesh-Eater – Stacking damage/speed/casting increase. KICK DECAY.
  • Good Adds
    • Living Mushroom – Heal all the up. HUGE AoE raid heals. Increased rate of death longer its up.
    • Rejuvenating Mushroom – Heal up for 30% haste and Mana Regen.
Notes: Need to be very good with flamethrowers. MAY be able to drop, and re-pick up the guns to reset the heat. Green and Blue mushrooms must be healed, they constantly have their health decay, so keep on healing so the buffs are around longer. Bad mushrooms spawn on players so don’t be too stacked up. Have melee kill the Mind Fungus. Have someone eat the shooters, can dot them down, but not a priority. Flesh-Eaters MUST DIE. Interrupt Decay, need multiple interrupts for it due to how often he casts it. Flesh eater > Mind Spore > Shooter. They spawn on set timers, so do not want to get multiple.

Twin Ogron

  • Pol
    • Shield Bash – Special attack on tank
    • Shield Charge – Randomly charges person. Damage based on how far he travels. Leaves debuff on anyone hit. Don’t get hit.
    • Interrupting Shout – Physical raid AoE damage. Interrupts spell casting.
    • Pulverize – 3 different stages.
      • Unavoidable raid damage
      • Ground effect of 8 yards. Move out
      • Unavoidable raid damage based on how close to center of ground effect you are.
  • Phemos
    • Whirlwind – Bladestorms. Get out. Weakened Defenses if hit
      • Increases damage by Shield Bash.
    • Enfeebling Roar – Shouts giving 300% damage taken for 300 seconds. Split amongst everyone grouped up for it.
    • Quake – Raid wide AoE Nature damage
    • Blaze – Fire on the ground
Notes: A lot of stacking and spreading. Energy bar tells you when ability is happening. Bladestorm can be kited away from group. Stack for Enfeebling roar. Stack for Interrupting shout with raid CDs. Spread for first stage of Pulverize, avoid the 2nd stage, get as far away from 3rd stage.


  • Nullification Barrier – Absorbs MAGIC damage randomly. 3-13 million
    • Longer barrier up. More damage he does. 8% per 10 seconds
  • Caustic Energy – While boss charges up Nullification Barrier. ONE person stands in and gets HUGE heals. They will receive the barrier also.
  • Suppression Field – Ground effect. Silences in it.
  • Expel Magic – 4 Stages
    • Fire – Deals damage per second for 10 seconds. Once expires, big AoE damage.
    • Arcane – Only applied tank? Simply run away from everyone and don’t stop moving till done.
    • Frost – Deals frost damage to everyone. Within 30 yards slows movement.
    • Shadow – Puts heal absorbing shield on everyone
  • Overflowing Energy – Balls dropping to ground. Similar Blood Council balls, and the dragon killed to get 680 legendary ring. Stand under it, bounces off face, goes back up. MUST HAVE NULLIFICATION BARRIER TO JUGGLE THESE. DON’T LET HIT GROUND. If hit ground, ~70k damage raid wide.
  • Volatile Anomalies – Adds. Spawn in 3s while Rune of Nullification is active, while he is charging his Barrier. When they die, explode for raid wide Arcane damage. Kill them in Suppression Field, wont explode.
Notes: Magic based damage must be used to break the barrier. Spread for the end of Expel Fire debuff, MAY be dispellable, so abuse this with MD’s. Arcane, just have tank get away from everyone, do not be near the tank. Frost hits just about everyone, move away 30 yards to avoid the slow, windwalk totem and feral aoe speed might clear it. Have one person stand in the Nullification Barrier charge in order for them to get the barrier also. There is 1 ball to start, once someone gets the barrier, there will be 2, so there might be one unavoidable hit from hitting the ground. Have to spam heals the person getting barrier, takes more and more damage. Watch the amounts of your barrier.

Imperator Mar’Gok

Phase 1 (100% – 85%)

  • Arcane Wrath – Kind of like Wrack? Debuff goes on player. Once it expires, deals damage, and jumps to nearest person. Each time jumping distance and damage dealt lowers. 6 jumps?
  • Destructive Resonance – Places a land mine on the ground. DON’T STEP ON IT. Deals massive AoE damage, extra to idiot who hit it, and increases Arcane damage taken.
  • Arcane Aberration – Adds. Deals raid wide AoE damage. KILL ASAP.
  • Mark of Chaos – Tank debuff. Last 8 seconds. Explodes for damage 35 yards around him.
  • Force Nova – Works like Protectors from ToES Lightning Storm? Aoe damage dealing HUGE amounts if standing in it.
  • Accelerated Assault – 8% speed increase with hits made against same target. Tanks swaps.

Phase 2 (85% – 55%)

  • Adds Displacement effect to all Phase 1 abilities
  • Arcane Wrath – Cant move out of 10 yard radius. Will be ported back if you do.
  • Destructive Resonance – Grows. Still just don’t hit it
  • Arcane Aberration – When it dies, it knocks people away
  • Mark of Chaos – Tank will be teleported to random place. Just move away from them.
  • Force Nova – Pushes players away is it grows.

Intermission 1

  • 1 minute phase. Summons Gorian Warmage and Volatile Anomaly
  • Gorian Warmage
    •  2 spawn
    • Dominance Aura – Buffs allies damage and haste.
      • Don’t stack on boss, or other adds.
    • Nether Blast – Blasts player for Arcane damage, also hitting people within 5 yards
    • Slow – Slows players movement and casting/melee speed by 50%. DISPELL THIS HEALERS.
    • Fixate – Fixates and Nether Blasts. Move away from raid. Lasts 15 seconds
  • Volatile Anomalies
    • Spawn every 12 seconds
      • Explodes on death

Phase 3 (55% – 25%)

  • Fortification effect
  • Arcane Wrath – Double amount of jumps
  • Destructive Resonance – New mines last 2 minutes, not 1
  • Arcane Aberration – 75% more health. Cant bb CC’ed
  • Mark of Chaos – Roots player in place
  • Force of Nova – 3 Novas. 1 every 8 seconds

Intermission 2

  • Same is first intermission. With new add Gorian Reaver
  • Gorian Reaver
    • Devastating Shockwave – HUGE AoE damage to all players in front for 20 yards.
    • Crush Armor – 15% damage taken increase to player. Stacks.
    • Kick to the Face – Kicks player in the face. Clears threat and knock back. BIG HIT

Phase 4 (25% – 0%)

  • Arcane Wrath – Additional Arcane Wrath. Now 2 players will be Branded.
  • Destructive Resonance – When 1 expires, 2 more spawn.
  • Arcane Aberration – when 1 dies, splits in 7 Arcane Remnants
  • Mark of Chaos – Upon explosion, shoots out 8 orbs dealing damage to anyone hit by it.
  • Force Nova – Anyone who takes damage also deals damage to anyone within 4 yards of them


Raiding policies for 6.0.3


With Highmaul here and the roster fully stocked up, I’m going to get all official for a minute for the sake of fairness.  We’re going to need your help and there’s going to be a few  changes and policies instituted as well.


1) Every single healer and tank needs to have a dps spec or properly geared (aka Minimum I-level for Highmaul LFR) that they can swap to.  This is to provide us with flexibility in getting you into raid.  We will be more lax with Off-set I-level requirements on mains.  But not stupidly so.

Currently, we have no idea what our raid group is going to look like. It is our goal to have everyone that wants to raid do so.  We may be short some raiders, we may be over.  After our first raid, we will have a better understanding of what we are dealing with.  with that being said:

1) The attendance thread will be updated shortly and needs to fully reflect  your availability. We need to know when you will be late, or if you will not be showing up.  If you don’t have time to come on this site and quickly give us some idea of what your schedule is like, then it’s not going to be our fault if you get sat.  I will be utilizing a raid attendance addon called raid tracker. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/ka_raid-tracker.

2) We have been discussing loot systems. We want to use the loot system that best benefits the guild.  We have no idea what the drop rates will be with personal loot Vs, raid loot system. As of right now, we will be using personal loot until more information becomes available.

3) Every single healer and tank needs to have a dps spec or properly geared (aka Minimum I-level for Highmaul) that they can swap to.  This is to provide us with flexibility in getting you into raid.  We will be more lax with Off-set I-level requirements on mains.  But not stupidly so.

4)  Flex raids will be important to gearing up and being successful in heroic raids.  We have already posted flex raids on the guild calendar. Please feel free to create your won flex raids. We’d love to have different Flex teams for Alts and/or Mains on off nights. I personally want to try to get a group together for early Sunday mornings. This may not work for you so find a group that can fit your schedule.

5) Along with flex raids, we also have LFR being released soon.  Nothing is more frustrating than getting into a fail LFR.   Run with your guildies!!!! It will ease your suffering. You don’t have to wait for us to work this out for you.  Simply log in and form one up.  Use this website to form this up.  Do what’s convenient for you,  but don’t expect sanctions.  You’re big boys and girls, arrange everything yourselves.

6) I encourage somebody to form up a rated in guild.  I think that could be fun!

We as officers have been raiding, assisting leading, leading or running raids along time.  As such,  there are rules and standards that are required of a Little Rascal Raider in order for us to be a successful Team.  We don’t ask anything of you that we don’t demand from ourselves.

7). Everyone is a part of the team and our success comes when you do your job and don’t worry about others. I know it can be hard when someone else is faultering but we are successful when your able to perform your characters/toons job to its peak performance.

8). Everyone is asked to sacrifice time or raid time. Yes I know its only 9hrs a week but that 9 hrs we could be out doing something else, but it is very appreciated that you sacrifice that time so we can all enjoy raiding and end game success within the game we pay to play. It is also appreciated when a person is asked to sit out for 1 night or a portion of it to allow another the same opportunity. Being part of a team means doing what is asked and what is best for the team at that time. Its not always the happiest thing to be asked but it is something WE ALL must do for our fellow guildies. Nobody has sat out of raids more than myself, and I do so because it will benefit our team.  If those running the raids are willing to do it then it should be expected from our team as well regardless if you miss a night or not.

9). Success of a raid team is at its highest percentage when there is little to no drama. Lets face it when there is drama in anything you do its a recipe for failure. In a game in which people actually pay to play drama can play a poisonous role if it is seen or read. Keeping emotions in check and not giving into the need or desire to flip out for all to see should be asked of all raiders/leaders. If your mad or upset over something in or out of game then take a moment, hour, a night or few days and step away from the situation. Also take time to think how or why it may have happened and when ready talk to those involved and resolve it with an open mind and understanding. Officers are here to help, no matter what the issue is.

10). Allowing the raid leaders to be raid leaders/managers is a key factor in the success of any raid. They are not always right, they are not always wrong, they are not out to screw anyone over, they  do care about your raid time or lack there of and most of all they want to see bosses dead and Raid team wins just as much if not a bit more than most. Even though it is a game, there is a level of team work here and thus a need to have leaders/officers/managers. It’s the duty of those individuals to make what they feel is the right choice or the best choice in given moments to see the success of the guild / team. Trust me its not easy trying to make 35-40 other people happy while trying to enjoy your $15 a month as well.

Moving forward, lets strive to be the best 30 man raid guild on the server. Let’s continue the success of Little Rascals as we have done for so many years!

If you feel I missed anything, please add in the comments!