Who’s Ready to Get Serious?

Heroes of the Storm has introduced TEAM LEAGUE. So of course, I registered the LITTLE RASCALS! If you’d like to be on the LITTLE RASCALS Heroes of the Storm league, you’ll need to meet the player level 40 requirement to join.

Keep in mind that you can be on up to three teams, and that our roster will fill up once 8 more members join. Whisper me in game if you’d like an invite!

Here’s the patch notes explaining TEAM LEAGUE:

Team League

  • Initial implementation for Team League, the second mode of Ranked play in Heroes of the Storm, has been added to the game! Read on for an overview of the most competitive game mode in Heroes of the Storm, and then check out our recent Team League blog post for a much more in-depth look at the feature.
    • With Team League, players can create named teams with dedicated rosters in order to participate in ranked, competitive Heroes of the Storm matches as a group against other teams of similar skill.
    • In order to participate in Team League, players must meet the following requirements:
      • Reach Level 40.
      • Own 10 or more Heroes (weekly free rotation Heroes do not count toward this requirement.)
      • Create or join a team that has at least five members logged in and ready to play in Team League.

Team Creation and Management

  • Navigate to the Team League Play Screen, click an empty team slot, enter a team name, and pay 1,000 Gold to create a new team.
    • Players may participate in up to 3 teams at any given time.
  • The Team League Screen will display all teams that a player is currently participating in, as well as each team’s current Rank, team name, and Win/Loss record.
    • Using the “Roster” button, a team owner may invite up to 8 other players to join the team’s roster.
    • In order to play Team League matches, five members from the same team must enter the queue together.
      • Use the “Invite” dropdown to invite other players from the roster to queue for Team League matches.
  • A “Ranked Teams” section has been added to the Player Profile.
    • Click on any team to view additional stats for each player on the roster, such as wins, losses, highest rank achieved, and favorite hero.
    • The team owner can also use this screen to add or remove members, as well as disband the team.

Draft Mode

  • Team League matches will use the “First Come, First Served” version of Draft Mode, rather than Hero League’s “Predetermined” Draft Mode.
    • With First Come, First Served Draft Mode, players on each team are free to select Heroes in any order when it is their team’s turn to pick.
    • A coin toss will still precede the draft phase, and teams will still alternate picking Heroes in 1-2-2-2-2-1 format.

Where did Pan go?

Wow, it’s been a month since I’ve logged into WoW. I can’t pinpoint exactly why I haven’t been motivated to log in, and I’m wondering if I’m the only one.

The first thing that has damped my excitement is the lack of fun I’m having at end-game. Pan’s not as much fun to play these days, and after two straight expansions of focusing on alts, I just need something different to do. The garrison started out pretty fun, but it’s just a boring grind now. Pet battles were novel when they were introduced, but I can’t bring myself to grind them even more.

Secondly, my energy level just isn’t what it used to be. I severely damaged both of my feet and ankles last fall, and it has taken months to bounce back. I’ve been trying to keep the same pace and work through the recovery, but it has lengthened the healing process considerably. Most people would read this and say, “But Pan, you play WoW with your hands!” to which I respond, “Actually, you play it by sitting in a chair, which it terrible for the circulation to my feet.” I’m six-foot-six, and even though I have a nice ergonomic chair, my heart has to pump blood back and forth to extremities that are quite far away. My recovery is almost complete, so I’m happy to report that.

Next, I’m dipping into console gaming again with our Wii U. Smash Bros. and Hyrule Warriors are games I can play for hours from my recliner or couch, and I can play Heroes of the Storm from my computer in short bursts and still feel like I’m accomplishing something before needing to get up and moving again.

Finally, I’ve got that fuzzy butt in the featured image that I like to spend a lot of time with. Mr. Buttons is a needy little bastard, but I’m happy to play with him. At three and a half, he’s still got a lot of puppy in him, even if he is spending 17 hours of each day blissfully snoozing away.

How are you guys doing? What am I missing in guild these days? Leave a comment below!

Omg lets take a S.E.L.F.I.E.


So I finally got the selfie camera on my warrior, decided to take some screen shots on twitter to show off my beautifui new bloodelf model, yay! I think this tool in combined with twiiter, as silly as it is, should give taking first kill screenshots in game a humorous touch, can’t wait to get one on my hunter to take a screen shot with yall! Anyone else excited about twitter intregration? This funny S.E.L.F.I.E. camera? I know i am!

We Could Be Heroes

I’m pretty happy with Heroes of the Storm beta, and I’m really starting to get into the whole experience. I’ve already started shilling to put together a Heroes Team, but I’m feeling inspired to create some content around that game as well. So, here’s my first stab at that.

Dag Nabbit!

I’m not joking when I say that Sgt. Hammer is why I even play this game. Despite several rounds of nerfs (from God-Mode to a little behind the meta), she’s still the one I love the most. There’s just something fulfilling about sieging up and pounding away on the enemy base, your pinky hovering over the Z button so you can run away from that Valla with your name on her arrow. It’s reactive, it’s proactive, it’s strategic, it’s tactical, it’s fun!

I get a little heat for showing up in a Hammer at the beginning of most matches, and freaking everyone in chat is convinced I’m playing her wrong, but my stats screen with the Siege Damage and XP Contribution field general glows with the fact I was #1 in those important fields.

Fight Time!

That’s right, it’s Brightwing, the queen faerie dragon of Quick Match! If you’re solo queueing, the massive heals and insane mobility you bring to the game are often game winners. No, you still can’t heal stupid, but you can single-handedly pull your team ahead in a team fight. Lili is still probably a stronger healer, and Tassadar and Malfurion are basically assassins at this point, but Brightwing has the perfect combination of everything that makes me love her.

My Life for Aiur!

Haha! I put Illidan in the header to throw you off. My third favorite, and by far my favorite assassin in Zeratul. Jaina’s a close 4th place, because Frost Mage, but Zeratul’s ability to stealth in, cleave the crap out of everyone and then teleport out makes me fee like a true assassin.

How About You?

So, are you playing Heroes of the Storm? If so, who are your favorite heroes? Feel free to join me anytime, just add Pandette#1813 to your Battle.net, and let’s go kick some ass!

Team Rascals

Heroes of the Storm is in the full swing of Beta, and chances are that if you’re on my friends’ list, then you have access. I’ve been doing some pick up games with Catchi and Teyla, and if there’s any truth in this world it’s that playing with friends is way better than playing alone. Which got me to thinking, if three Rascals can slay all they see before them, how good could five be?

Simply put, I’d like to do a regular, weekly team-of-five queue in the Quick Match mode to see how well we work together, and if the whole concept is fun. I’m sure the first few times will have some growing pains, but I think we could see if we’ve got the goods pretty quickly.

If this idea works, we should then transition into Hero League and eventually Team League (once it comes out).

While we wait for Team League to be implemented, the Hero League which is a ranked draft-mode system has all the tools we need to fill the gap. There are some pretty hefty requirements for this, however, firstly being that you need to be level 30 to use the Hero League, and secondly, you need to own 10 heroes (excluding the free rotation heroes, you can’t use them unless you own them).

So, the biggest difference between Quick Match and the Leagues is the draft mode. Each member of this team needs to be pretty good at at least three heroes, and we need to have very little overlap between us. The reason for that is if your preferred hero is drafted by the other team, you need to be able to bring someone else and know what you’re doing. Additionally, if we all love Hammer (and who doesn’t?), it doesn’t do us any good if all of our alternates are Hammer, since once one of us picks her, we’re on to our next alternate.

So, if this is something that interests you, leave a comment or whisper me in-game, and let’s see if we can’t make something happen.

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