Rendrin’s Bad Attitude: Valla The Demon Hunter!

With the revival of Heroes to me from Nate, and a few other friends. I’ve decided I would try to make a Valla video, who is so far my “main”.

I have pretty much played her non-stop and I really enjoy the flow of the character. She is a high-sustained high-bursty ranged assassin, who has a lot of mobility and potential for major turn arounds. She can also carry the team fight with her ult, because it stuns + extreme amounts of damage. she has a decent level skill-cap with it as well because positioning of it is everything!

I very much recommend this character to any one new playing the game, she’s very easy to pick up (giggity) and very fun to play. If you’re a advent League of Legends player she controls very much alike a ADC.


Little Rascals is now 6/12 Mythic!

Great job last night to the Rascals and guests who cleared 6 bosses on Mythic in Siege of Orgrimmar! That includes 3 new bosses that we have never downed on Mythic before!

Our next raid is scheduled for Monday, November 10th at 8pm. We plan to clear the remaining bosses, including Garrosh, before WoD hits! Lok’tar Ogar!


My Lack of Excitement if Palpable

As many of you know, I’ve been on of Blizzard’s biggest apologists. I’ve stood by them through some tough life transitions, the failure that was Cataclysm, and the exodus of my real life friends from World of Warcraft. 

I stuck it out.

Then Warlords of Draenor was announced, and I was pretty excited. I learned that the new Flex Raid system was pretty cool, the ability pruning and numbers squish were finally happening, and that the release date was going to be very, very late.

And still, I endured. I stuck it out.

They also announced that they were going to be updating the models. Now, while there are lots of folks who will say that this is desperately needed and has been a long time coming, one of the reasons for the delay in releasing the game was the “dedication to ensure that the essence of the old models live on in the new.”

I saw the previews, and some videos, and some screen caps, but it wasn’t until the one time I was actually able to connect to the the 6.0.2 PTR that I was finally able to see the new Pandette. (Gogo copy character)

I was horrified.

Who was this sad disproportionate woman? What and why did her face look glued onto a party balloon? I was disturbed, so I decided to fish though the other races to see if their upgrades had met their mission statement.

No. No they did not.

The human male and a couple of the Horde races look like an upgrade. The rest all look like rush job compromises that are a step back from the angular and low-res starting point.

This is a tough choice I’m making now, particularly considering how much fun I’m having playing Final Fantasy XIV. I’ve pre-ordered Warlords of Draenor, but am I even going to pay to sub for a month if I have to play this insulting caricature of my main?