Tillers Reputation Guide

Farm living is the life for me! Land spreadin’ out so far and wide! Keep Stormwind, just give me that countryside!

The Tillers are probably one of the most fun factions you’ll ever interact with. No only do they all want to be your friend, but they want to give you free stuff, too. Also you farm is a massive pile of gold just begging to be farmed.

The neat part about each of the Tiller NPCs is that you can rep up with each of them individually, until you become their best friend! You’ll get to do dailies for a few of them every day, but you can actually get bonus rep by giving them gifts. You’ll find gifts buried in mounds of Dark Soil scattered all around the farmlands of the zone, so keep your eyes peeled.

Once you get some gifts, know that some NPCs like some gifts more than other gifts. Anne Stickney over at WoW Insider made this easy chart to know who likes what:

  • Tina Mudclaw likes Ruby Shards. If you’re her best friend, you’ll get food in the mail, and furniture for your house.
  • Gina Mudclaw likes Marsh Lilies. She’ll send you fireworks in the mail once you’re her best friend — and she’ll stick a mailbox on your farm for you.
  • Jogu the Drunk likes Lovely Apples. If you’re Jogu’s best friend, he won’t charge you for crop predictions anymore, and he’ll send you some booze in the mail.
  • Ella likes Jade Cats. When you’re best friends with Ella, she’ll send her cat Luna to live at your farm permanently, as well as mailing you a few different tree seeds.
  • Fish Fellreed also likes Jade Cats. If you’re best friends with Fish, she’ll give you pigs for your farm, and send you a packet of special seeds related to profession gathering.
  • Haohan Mudclaw likes Ruby Shards. When you’re best friends with Haohan, he’ll send a mushan named Miss Fifi to live at your farm, as well as sending you three Songbell Seeds.
  • Chee Chee the hozen likes Blue Feathers. Chee Chee will send some sheep to live on your farm, and mail you a goodie bag with cloth and leather in it.
  • Old Hillpaw also likes Blue Feathers. He’ll send you chickens to live on your farm, and send you a Straw Hat in the mail.
  • Sho likes Lovely Apples. When you’re best friends with Sho, she’ll add an orange tree to your farm, and send you the Red Cricket pet in the mail.
  • Farmer Fung likes Marsh Lilies. If you’re best friends with Farmer Fung, he’ll send Shaggy the yak to live on your farm, and send you an Enigma Seed in the mail.

There’s no down side to giving gifts, so give to whoever you want whenever you want, just know that if you follow that chart you’ll get the best results. Once you’re maxed out with someone that likes something in particular, feel free to give those gifts to someone else. The rep gain won’t be as big, but it’s better than nothing! You can also carry and turn in as many gifts as you’d like, so happy hunting and happy farming!

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